Exist1981 started as an underground street-art project in 2000.

It has since manifested into fine art, graphic design and a boutique clothing campaign; a multimedia art massacre.

Whether hanging on a wall or off your body, stuck on a notebook or street sign, Exist1981 pieces are meant to be accessible to all. No matter the medium, the impetus will always be the creation of limited edition and one of a kind works.





Founding member of the Cohort Collective



Microsoft- Surface      Regency Centers- CA

SONY PLAYSTATION- CA      AMLI- LA      Pacific Magazine- SD      LWP Group- SD      El Camino- SD      BangBang- SD      San Diego City Beat

Delux Dogs- SD      Urban Kitchen- SD/Irvine      Studio Fabric- SD      Neon Desert Music Festival- TX      Pan y Agua Group- TX    

EPT Communities- TX      Jules Wilson ID- SD      Gensler- SD      Design Squared Interiors- SD      Emmes Asset Management- SD